Is Your Thinking Making You Sick?

Change it – with Psychosomatic Therapy.

Face Reading
What Does Your Face Say About You?

Psychosomatic Therapy is based on understanding the connection between what you think (Psycho = Mind) and how that affects your physical body (Soma = Body).

It could be your thinking making you sick.

Your mind and body are interconnected, so what you experience, think and feel is stored in the cells of your body – from as early as your time in your mother’s womb. The Body-Mind connection explains that every emotion you feel but do not acknowledge, or squash rather than express, is stored in your body where it can create disharmony, dis-ease and can be accessed at any time. Psychosomatic Therapists refer to these stored emotional stressors or memories as ‘issues in the tissues’.

Those moments you react in a flash with strong emotion and don’t understand why, a stored emotional memory has likely been triggered and an automatic response enacted. Psychosomatic Therapy teaches you to identify and release these stored emotional memories, freeing you from the reactions.

To function at your most positive, beautiful best, your mind, body and spirit need to be in balance. Psychosomatic therapy can help you to become more balanced and positive and help you to become more attuned with your body.

A Psychosomatic Therapist and Teacher, Vicki understands what your body is saying and can guide and teach you, helping you to release emotional baggage and change behaviours that are not supporting you. Vicki can read every part of your body, face, hands, feet. Your body, posture, discomfort, the presence of disease or dysfunction tells how you function in the world, where your issues are stored what is required to help you achieve balance.

 How Can Psychosomatic Therapy Help You?

Your first visit with Vicki at Casa del Sole is likely to involve a Body-Mind Analysis – a step-by-step study of all aspects of your body, a thorough assessment of your posture and a face reading. Body-Mind Analysis helps you recognise and acknowledge where in your body you hold the issues in the tissues and identify the areas of your life and physical body that are out of balance. Vicki can then suggest ways of dealing with the imbalances to restore better Body-Mind Harmony.

Vicki will teach you posture, Psychosomatic Breathing technique and begin the journey of helping you to identify, accept and begin to change the behaviours that do not support you. Vicki will also encourage you to book in for Emotional Release Bodywork with Karen.

Why is Emotional Release Bodywork so Important?

For balance between your mind and body, you must literally take the therapy to the body.

To support the changes you are making it is important to have regular Emotional Release Bodywork as this facilitates the release of the stored emotional memories from your physical body. During a bodywork session your therapist will identify and release emotional release trigger points within your body. Over time, as your stored emotional energy is released, you can expect to feel a greater sense of calm and of knowing within yourself as you begin to live in the here and now, releasing the emotional triggers of the past.

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