Vicki Delpero

Specialising in the Magic of Body-Mind Communication, Anti-aging and Longevity and Reproductive Health.

vicki-delpero-profile-picI have assisted clients for almost 30 years from my thriving Natural Therapies practice in Tasmania, Australia. A midwife, childbirth educator and passionate campaigner for natural birth, I became a qualified Reflexologist in 1995 and since then my clinic has continued to expand to include complimentary therapies that focus on the Body-Mind connection:

• Psychosomatic Therapist & Teacher
• NES Health
• NET Therapist
• Emotional Release Bodywork and Kahuna Massage
• Professional Reflexologist and Maternity Reflexology
• Intuitive Midwife
• Childbirth Educator
• Reiki Master

Philosophy – What is the Body-Mind Connection?
I believe that Spirit, Mind & Body are one and when in balance create health and vitality, and that ‘dis-ease’ in most cases stems from an imbalance in one or more of these areas. Creating balance facilitates the body’s natural healing ability, resulting in successful health outcomes for clients.

Why is Regular Bodywork Important?
Regular bodywork is also an important part of maintaining balance. Bodywork is not ‘just’ massage! Practitioners use physical techniques and intuitive energy to release tension, discomfort and trapped energy from your body. Talented and experienced bodyworkers, I and my colleague Karen Collyer offer Psychosomatic Therapy based Emotional Release Bodywork and Kahuna Bodywork, both with a strong intuitive base. We encourage you to honour your body and soul with regular bodywork for emotional release, relaxation and balance.

Reproductive Health
My focus on Reproductive Health includes pre-conception, natural fertility and maternity care, assisting clients to conceive and birth naturally and harmoniously. When a woman is in balance conception, pregnancy, labour and birth are natural processes requiring very little, if any, intervention. Read more in my book ‘Creating Happy Healthy Babies, a Holistic Midwife’s Approach to Pregnancy, Labor and Birth’.

Vicki also conducts specialist training in Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate III, natural techniques for Reproductive Health for Practitioners, Geomancy and facilitates training from her centre in Acton Park.

• Registered Midwife
• Registered Nurse
• Teaching Diploma of Psychosomatic Therapy
• Teacher Art of Feminine Presence
• Certificates in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine
• BA Vocational Education
• Reiki Master
• Reflexology Association of Australia (Founding Board Member 1998-2006)
• International Association of Psychosomatic Therapists (Executive Member 2012-Current)

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