Karen Collyer, Body Alchemist

Bodywork is my passion. At Casa del Sole we offer a range of therapies to help you feel the happy, healthy you that is your truth. Bodywork is where the emotional energy that is trapped in your body and causes aches, pain and discomfort is released.

What Does Bodywork Involve?
Bodywork is a range of techniques that work together to release tension in your body, provide emotional release, assist circulation and flow of energy and provide a deep sense of relaxation.

I am trained in KaHuna Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Psychosomatic Therapy Emotional Release Technique, BodyTalk,  Reading, Reiki,  Energetic Connection and The Liquid Crystals.

A Bodywork treatment with me is likely to include all of these modalities as I work to help you create greater BodyMind connection. The  combination of physical massage techniques and manipulation, breath work, energetic connection and emotional release techniques are designed to help you release anxiety, fears and pent up emotional energy.

Bodywork at Casa del Sole is never the same twice.  My philosophy is to allow your body to tell me what it needs and to provide that in the most effective way I can for you. You are unique, so what you require is unique in that moment. The only thing that applies to everyone is that you will leave your massage at Casa del Sole feeling more relaxed and comfortable body and soul.

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