Our Clients Say…

Testimonial-LisaLisa Norrie, NZ (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
It’s very hard to find the right words for what this course did for me. It didn’t change my life – it gave me a life. I truly found me! For the first time since I was a small child I began trusting in myself and my intuition. I am learning to listen to what my body is trying to tell me. I had a few “slap in the face ” moments that basically sat me on my butt and that’s when things finally fell into place. So yes… Words really can’t express what I got out of this course as it continues to evolve. 

Pip, Australia (Natural Fertility & Pregnancy Care)
I have received care from Casa del Sole for many years, particularly with reflexology, nutrition, pregnancy and natural birth support including child birth classes. Vicki has been a great source of encouragement and belief in oneself, and a most trusted person to guide you through the tough times in life. She is a ready listener and uses multiple ways to help yourself heal. She is respectful and knowledgeable and has written several books on her subject matter. Her passion for helping others is infectious and she makes you feel special and capable of anything. A worthy person to have on your life journey!

Testimonial-AngelaAngela Kefford
Psychosomatic therapy training has been such a powerful tool for my own self discovery and self acceptance. In such a caring and nurturing environment I have been learning about who I am and I have been supported by some of the most amazing people I have ever known. I feel so grateful to have found psychosomatic therapy and I would love to encourage everyone to learn more about this amazing, life changing experience.

Testimonial-EmmaEmma Clark, Australia (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
When people ask me about the Psychosomatics, I simply say ‘it’s life changing, completely and utterly life changing!!!   Thank you for the gift of self awareness and transformation to help me become/be my authentic self – that’s the stuff that’s life changing!!! Xxx

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Melinda, Australia (Attends Meditation & Intuitive Development)
I have attended some small group evening meditation sessions at Vicki’s practice, and found the energies at these sessions to be very warm and positive.


Stephanie Cooper, Australia (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
Psychosomatic therapy for me has enhanced my insight into what it means to come here as a human being and the very special way it acknowledges the wonderful science behind us yet the soul that dwells within us to drive this science! Wow! You are the light (amongst others) that helped bring Psychosomatics to fruition Vicki Delpero, you should be proud of yourself, and Karen Collyer xxx


Susan Dibbs, Australia (Face Reading)
Hi Vicki, you may remember you did a reading on my friend at Go Festival. He was amazed by what you told him. He was in a bit of a rut and not to sure about the direction of his life – well I have to tell you – what a changed man he is now – I haven’t even seen him since the festival! He is out living his life and loving it!!! Great work – love what you do! Susan xx

Tina Williams, Australia (Meditation, Healing Services and Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
I have used many of Casa del Sole services, meditation, healing and have completed the Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate course. I was very lost for a long time and the dynamic team of Vicki and Karen has helped me achieve my ultimate goal of finally coming home to myself. I have no words to express my gratitude and the love I have for these ladies for being the only ones to help me.

Wayne Gregory,  NZ (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
I have had a profound experience of being able to release  major emotional blocks that now are no longer painful when I experience a memory or situation that is similar to what I have been through. The feeling of my heart expanding inside and noticing how much warmer my body felt after releasing these emotional attachments has been incredible.

Learning how to correct my posture and focus on my structure even when I walk has released a lot of pain and tension out of my body and I feel more energised because of this. I treasure learning the ability to read people’s faces and bodies so that I could gain a greater understanding because this has helped me with my relationships with others and my family.

I have also developed a clearer mind and have recognised that I no longer need to ‘fix’ the world which has allowed me to be able to ‘go with the flow’ more easily. I have enjoyed learning how to manipulate my energy and play with it to relax myself whenever I feel the need to unwind and let go.

Overall this experience has been wonderful and very enlightening for me and I can honestly say that my life has been changed because of it.

Thank you to Vicki and Karen for showing me a different way to be.



Jodie Gahan (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
Psychosomatic Therapy pulled together all the loose threads that I already knew about the mind & body being intrinsically connected into a beautiful bow. Threaded through that bow are also the amazing like-minded people who are drawn to it to unlock the secrets of their own lives. The bow continues to grow in size and power the more times it is revisited and as the awareness of its existence grows.

Testimonial-Shan Shan Hooper, Australia (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
Amazing, the Psychosomatic Therapy course, nothing short of enlightening. It was such a brilliant and amazing course to do.
Thank you Vicki for being a fantastic teacher x


Melissa Alomes, Australia 
 (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
Change is incredibly difficult if you do not understand the underlying behaviour / belief that drives you to behave in ways that do not serve you. Psychosomatic Therapy brought me AWARENESS. With true awareness comes change.


Testimonial-NicoleNicole Machin, Australia  (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
Psychosomatic therapy has shown me freedom. Every layer I shed of old patterning and behaviours that are not aligned with my true self I feel a little more freedom and understanding on my journey. Thank you Vicki Delpero and Karen Collyer for opening this door for me.xx

Testimonial-SarahSarah Gregg, Australia  (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)

How do you explain Psychosomatics? How do you explain to a small child what it feels like to walk in snow for the first time? … what a piece of chocolate tastes like? … how it feels to sit by a warm, crackling fire?  Some things just need to be experienced.
The Psychosomatics experience will be the greatest adventure of your life!

Wayne Fechney, NZ (Psychosomatic Therapy Training)
It’s been a great journey learning about myself. I hadn’t realised I had ‘issues in my tissue’s and the amount of physical and emotional damage I had done to myself. Through doing the course and experiencing the process, I have become aware of how much I have lived in my mind and bottled everything up. Now every morning when I wake up, I appreciate myself and recognize my own accomplishments with pride and I take the time to pat myself on the back. I have more of a ‘can do’ altitude  than an ‘I don’t think I can do’ attitude now.

Learning the face reading has allowed me to relate to clients at work more and to have an understanding of where they are coming from. I have found this incredibly valuable as it has allowed me to foster my relationship with clients to the point where I can now ‘seal a deal’ on site instead of waiting in the office for an answer.

Overall this experience has been a incredible journey. Understanding my own body- mind communication and having the tools to bring myself back into my body when I become aware of leaving it has provided me with a great sense of peace and tranquillity.

I thank everybody for their support and thank you Vicki and Karen.