Creating Balance Within:
Psychosomatics & Pregnancy

jo-smallHow you feel, your current state of balance, has a profound effect on the baby growing inside you.

When pregnant you aren’t just ‘eating for two’, you are ‘feeling for two’ 24 hours a day aswell. Everything you feel your baby feels.

How do you create balance within? Can you measure it? YES!  Your body is like an emotional road map, telling the story of where you are at right now.

The BodyMind connection explains that every emotion you feel but do not acknowledge or squash rather than express, is stored in your body where it can create disharmony, dis-ease and can be accessed at any time. Those moments you react in a flash with strong emotion and don’t understand why, a stored emotional memory has likely been triggered and an automatic response enacted. Psychosomatic Therapy teaches you to identify and release these stored emotional memories, freeing you from the reactions.

A Psychosomatic Therapist and Teacher, I understand what your body is saying and can guide and teach you, helping you to release emotional baggage and change behaviours that are not helping you.


Why is Psychosomatics important?
Your pregnancy and birth outcome rely greatly on your ability to ignore your mind and listen to your body. The more you are able to drop into your body and ignore outside stimulation, the better you will work with what your body is communication to you through sensation and emotion.

By developing awareness you are able to let go of behaviours and beliefs that create discomfort and disharmony, helping you to create a happy, peaceful experience for your baby, and in turn a happy, healthy child.

If you can’t come and see me in person, consider a Skype appointment, and get your copy of my book ‘Creating Happy Healthy Babies’.

Vicki Delpero

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