Conscious Conception

To Conceive or not to Conceive?

baby-bubbleConscious Conception is when a couple make a joint decision to plan to conceive a child, whilst focusing and attending to the natural reproductive cycle. They then seek out the best way to go about this for the future health of their child.

In an age when reproductive health is increasingly being managed in laboratories and operating rooms, I believe in the right of couples to be able to manage their own reproduction and to be given well-informed choices that make this possible.

Conscious Conception creates optimal health for everyone involved as well as for the children and future generations. It uses specific methods of fertility awareness, nutrition, natural therapies and lifestyle management that lead to peak reproductive health. Thus the pregnancy is a conscious decision, providing a fresh healthy egg and sperm.

This method can also be used as an efficient contraceptive method, with a 99% success rate when used correctly. It is easy to learn and can be adapted to every day living. From a contraceptive point of view it has a 97% success rate, but with correct usage is as reliable as 99% if abstinence is undertaken during fertile times.

Everyone benefits, it is a great method to use at any time. Conscious Conception can be used:

  • when coming off the pill to give insight into the reproductive cycle
  • during breastfeeding to assess if ovulation is occurring, as ovulation will occur before the first menstrual cycle so the risk of pregnancy is great
  • during menopause as a guide to hormonal changes
  • in conjunction with barrier methods of contraception for those not wanting to use them as often

Conscious Conception is an excellent tool for those wanting to conceive but who need to overcome diagnosed fertility problems with natural treatments, for any fertility condition and for those who simply want a healthier pregnancy and baby.

By understanding the signs of fertility couples are able to decide to achieve or avoid conception. Conscious Conception involves becoming aware of the bodily changes, including personal, emotional and lunar rhythms that occur through out the fertile cycle. Conscious Conception has no side effects, allows self control, complete involvement, is cost saving, easy to learn and apply, and increases the chances of conception when the decision is made to conceive.

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