Creating Happy Healthy Babies

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How do you Create a Happy Healthy Baby?

With joy, happiness, and fun!

So how do you achieve that in this modern world? By creating a happy, healthy you with natural therapy techniques to help you relax and prepare yourself emotionally and physically for birth.

There are many choices to make about your pregnancy care, where you will give birth and how. You may be planning a home birth, water birth, hospital birth or midwifery based care for example. However you choose, the therapies I use in my practice, including but not limited to Reflexology, Psychosomatic Therapy, Neuro-emotional technique, Acu-pressure, Phytonutrients, Aromatherapy and relaxation techniques may help you.

My First Home Birth
My First Home Birth

A committed advocate for natural birth, experience has taught me again and again that pregnancy, labour and birth is a natural event that requires, in the majority of cases, no medical intervention. In my practice I work with clients to achieve natural fertility and maternity outcomes, based on the belief that Mind-Body balance underpins health and vitality.

Women who believe pregnancy is a natural, healthy state and labour a beautiful transitional experience, most often go on to create healthy pregnancies and easier births. This is because they are able to work intuitively with their body rather than living in a state of fear.

This is my passion as a woman, mother, midwife and natural therapist  –  to help women release their fears around pregnancy and their ability to give birth. As fears are cleared my clients grow in confidence and  joy in their ability to create and birth a happy, healthy baby.

Giving birth can be the most empowering experience of a woman’s life. During my first pregnancy and birth I was full of fear, I did not understand that my body already knew how to create and birth my precious child. As a result. my first child endured a traumatic birth with a good deal of unnecessary intervention. My middle and youngest children birthed easily and naturally at home, as by then I had let go of my fears and learned to trust my body and allow the natural process of birth without intervention. As midwife and natural therapist I have worked with expectant mothers and their partners for more than twenty five years. I have been blessed to have seen first-hand the wonderful benefits natural therapies can provide for pregnancy, labour and birth. It is my aim to assist you to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

If you live near Hobart, book in with me, otherwise do your research, find natural birth groups in your area. Regardless of how you choose to have your baby, the therapies and techniques suggested in this book may be of help.

Enjoy this book. I encourage you to ask questions, explore, and research.

If you can’t come and see me in person, consider a Skype appointment, and get your copy of  ‘Creating Happy Healthy Babies’.

Vicki Delpero

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