Animal Wellness


Do you have an animal who suffers from recurring injury, illness or behavioural issues no matter what you do?  This may be due to information held in your animal’s energetic field, genetic memory, belief system or previous life experiences.

The combination of the NES Animal WellNES System and Animal BodyTalk is powerful. Each works with your animal’s bioenergetic system, but in different ways.

Here’s how they work:

NES Animal WellNES System uses ground-breaking technology, the Animal Provision software, to provide a detailed overview with just one click.

The detailed information this provides identifies energy distortions that may be preventing your animal from being well.

This is followed by physical application to the areas affected with a small handheld device, and infoceuticals to help reimprint the body’s original blueprint for optimal health.

More detailed information on his this works is at:

NES Animal WellNES assessments can be done both with the animal present or remotely. Contact me for more information so we can organise a suitable session.

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Animal BodyTalk Elvis

A simple and effective therapy that explores your animal’s body energy systems in order to remove energy blockages and assist your animal’s energy system to harmonise with its environment.

For example, your cat or dog might be suffering unpleasant physical reactions to chemicals contained in the paint in your home, or the fabric their bedding is made of.

So what do you do?

You don’t have to repaint your whole house! Rather than removing the irritant, Animal BodyTalk works with your animal to harmonise them to irritants in their environment so they are no longer negatively affected.

Regardless of how much you love and care for your animals, they can be affected by previous experiences that cause them negative emotions and result in what you might find to be unacceptable behaviours.
Working with you and your animal, your Animal BodyTalk practitioner will explore  the background to the behaviour and assist your animal to gently release the past memories and beliefs.

This beautiful therapy also allows your practitioner to communicate clearly with your animal. An incredible blend of body reading, physical techniques and intuitive communication to communicate clearly and deeply with your animal, facilitating healing on the physical and energetic planes.

Animal BodyTalk can be done remotely via Skype, so no matter where you are in the world I can work with you and your animal.

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